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Our Courses

All of our classes are based on practical training that includes a detailed theoretical section. Our courses run from two to three days and can be held in your academies, in-salon or online.

You can book us for
- Academy / In-Salon Training (Groups of 5-20 Students)

- Private Training (1-3 Students)
- Large Events and Shows


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TEZIS Foundation Course

A foundation class

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The Foundation Course will teach you everything you need to know about the nine foundation techniques.


When, how and why to use them while also teaching you how to control body dynamics, understanding suitability and the aesthetics of hair design.


Due to the detail and amount of information these classes are on the same level of difficulty as our advanced courses, they are suitable and recommended for hairdressers of all skill levels.


Salon Foundation Course

The foundation class tailored to everyday salon life.

This course is all about showing you techniques which can be used in your everyday work life without the need of any adjustments, still following the structure of the 9 Foundation techniques.


The perfect class for salon teams who wants expend their knowledge and skill set so they can provide exceptional service to their clients.


This course includes 3 separate 2 days classes each giving you 3 techniques to impress your customers with.

Modern TEZIS Course

The next step after completing your foundation training.

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The Modern salon Tezis is all about combinations. You will learn everything about mixing the Nine foundation techniques to create endless variety of looks suitable for modern salon environments.


Apart from combinations techniques the class includes detailed information about different texturising and thinning techniques to show you how to control the natural texture and movement of the hair and adjust the properties of your technique.

Creative TEZIS Course

Our Creative class is all about experimenting, exploring and expanding ideas.


Other then teaching you everything we know about disconnections and creative suitability we also show you our latest designs and ideas. This course allows you to have the freedom to play with the knowledge and techniques you learned on this and our previous classes.

* We recommend to attend our foundation courses before joining on our creative courses, but it is not neccesary.

Men's TEZIS Course

This Course will teach you everything about men’s hairdressing, from technique and aesthetics all the way to combinations, disconnections, scissor over comb and clipper work

The perfect classes for everyone who is looking for technical men’s education.


The full course is built up from 3 two days classes starting from pure technical shapes followed by combination techniques and finished with short disconnected techniques.


A truly stand alone course suitable for all men’s hair lovers from both the barbering and hairdressing industry.

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