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We've taught hundreds of students across the UK, EU & the world



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After years of training, guided by the best of the best and working with leading education brands he became one of the few professionally trained cutting trainers in the industry and the Co-Founder of Tezis.


His goal is to help the industry to grow by sharing his experience with hairdressers around the globe who otherwise would not have the chance to receive high class education.

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"Education is the first step to success”

That was his motivation to move to London and work with the best hair educators / session stylists in the industry for more than 10 years.

His next goal to share his knowledge and passion, and  to motivate hairdressers across the world by Co-Founding Tezis Education.



In English it is a theory which is put forward to be proven. This points to our creative work and education which is experimental. This is to come up with new ideas and push boundaries.


In Hungarian it means the explanation of a scientific subject, this points to our Foundation education where we teach facts and everything there is to know about technical hair cutting.

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