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Revolutionary practical hair education that empower hairdressers, salons and academies worldwide.

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Gianmarco Catapano

Tezis teaches in depth hair cutting with maximum freedom within technique. We believe in an open minded hairdressing where there are no rights or wrongs, only different point of views and different ways to create your vision.



Hair Stylists





Tamas Megyeri

Two friends with over a decade of experience in world renowned salons want to help and challenge YOU to think differently about cutting hair.

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Our trainings are both technical and practical. We want to ensure that everything our students learn can actually be used in a salon setting.

We're a young dynamic team who are trained educators and believe that hairdressing can be fun and creative. There's no one way to cut hair, so let's explore different style and techniques.

Not in the UK?  We've travelled all over the UK and Europe to host workshops, trainings and showcases. Drop us a message and let's arrange a visit.

Get inspired. We've worked with and mentored under big names and want to inspire others to do the same! We love working with creatives from all around the world and creating an environment where different perspectives and approaches are celebrated.

What our clients are saying

"Great creatives with a fun approach to hairstyling. Will definitely be inviting them to the next show!


Tezis believes in education that improves your day to day work and you can apply straight into your salon life.

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